A unique, modern
approach to recruiting

Leverage our team and technology to access diverse, global talent.

Collaboration and visibility

Seamless collaboration

  • Shared Slack channel
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Recruiting coordinator manages scheduling

Best practices for structured hiring

  • Hiring plan to guide the internal interview process
  • Role kickoffs with internal interview team
  • Candidate debriefs following onsite interviews
  • Best-in-class candidate experience

Remote-first approach accesses diverse talent globally

  • Breaking down barriers to entry for top diverse talent
  • Specialty in remote positions

Modern technology

  • Custom-built platform for transparency and clarity
  • Engagements run systematically
  • Candidates presented quickly

Focus on structured, unbiased hiring

We know that nothing matters more to building your business than hiring the right people. To help you connect to excellent candidates, we step in as an active extension of your internal team: we share a Slack channel and schedule all meetings on your behalf. We prize formal, structured hiring to maximize the chances of hiring the right candidate for your role.

Borderless hiring talent pool

We use tools, processes, and research that accesses talent outside of traditional hiring networks. We are motivated by connecting hidden talent with incredible job opportunities. We scour the globe to find the right person for your role regardless of background or geography. Scaled is built for the distributed era of work.

A modern, tech-first approach

Our DNA is the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem.
Our team of world-class engineers, designers, and product managers build technology that ensures seamless communication with our clients. Our process educates clients throughout the hiring process and makes our internal team more efficient and effective. We are a transparent, helpful partner that systematizes every engagement to ensure we move quickly to find the best candidates for you.

Latest tech
Real-time data
Fast-track your hiring
Roles close in 30–90 days depending on seniority.
Easy onboarding
Engagement begins with a signed contract and kickoff call.
Premium service, flexible pricing
Menu of options depending on your needs.

Partner with us for your next hire

Take advantage of our technology and trusted talent pool.