Talent is distributed globally. Opportunity is not.

Scaled was born of a mission to connect the world's leading companies to hidden talent in untraditional networks and geographies. We live in a world of distributed work and the best talent can be anywhere. Recruiting has traditionally relied on closed networks of friends and in-person contacts. We turn the old model upside-down and use the best of technology and human processes to maximize the chances of you hiring the best person for your company.

A new school approach in an old school industry

Talent placement is one of the world's largest industries, but in so many ways remains old and stodgy. Recruiters still smile-and-dial to find candidates and use pencil and paper to track them. Even the more modern approach relies heavily on personal networks of talent. We believe a recruiter pitching you on their personal network wreaks of old school stodginess. The world is just too big for any individual to have mapped even a small portion of the candidate pool with a personal network.

Structured hiring to produce unbiased outcomes

We have been traumatized by years of seeing hiring processes go wrong. A hiring manager performing a poor (or nonexistent!) debrief with the interview panel after meeting a candidate, an interviewer biasing a colleague with feedback about a candidate before the colleague has met the candidate, a candidate missing a phone screen because of a scheduling mixup – the examples are limitless. We believe a structured hiring process – though it seems simple – is actually complicated and requires constant vigilance to increase the chances of hiring the right person. That's why our adherence to a formal, structured hiring process at every stage of the process verges on religious.

Excellence in our work above all

We have been hiring managers ourselves. We know that recruiting is always a manager's number one priority. But we also know that recruiting is often trumped in urgency by the competing priorities of the day-to-day. Our greatest service is to take the mental burden of hiring off your plate by offering trusted excellence. A partner who holds your hand from beginning to end of the hiring process, minimizes mistakes, delivers you a steady stream of excellent candidates, and does the things you don't have time for. Let Scaled take the wheel.


There is nothing more important than hiring the right team. Our tested and trusted approach maximizes the chances you get it right.

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