The cultural architect

The person or team who leads your People function is critical in who your organization is and how it operates. The role and team are often under-appreciated but hiring the right talent into your People team becomes a strategic weapon in attracting and retaining talent. Scaled has you covered whether you need help with the nuts and bolts of your People foundation, building out your Recruiting team, or a higher-level strategic architect of your culture. We've hired strong team and divisional leaders in all People functions.


Don't just take our word for it

"Our team had just come off a big fundraise and needed to set our executive team up for its next stage of growth. We partnered with Scaled to help us hire a variety of roles. Scaled integrated with our internal recruiting and hiring team to drive a structured hiring process and ensure we were getting the best candidates possible into interviews with the team. With so many moving parts it was invaluable having a trusted recruiting partner connecting all the dots and pulling all the threads together."

David Booth
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Scaled technology accesses undiscovered People talent

Successful People leaders can come from a handful of backgrounds and tracks. Some come out of Recruiting, others come out of building People programs from the ground up. Others have particular expertise in compensation, benefits, compliance, DEI and other areas. Our tools mix the best of humans and technology to uncover hidden talent that traditional recruiters don't find.

Structured assessment of candidates

It's particularly important to decide upfront precisely what you're looking for in a People leader. There will be tradeoffs you need to make in the hire which you need to consider upfront. Scaled Recruiters work with you to define assessment criteria and ensure you're identifying candidates that are right for what you need now.

Deep expertise in hiring People leaders

We have extensive expertise -- over a decade in certain cases -- of hiring People leaders of all stripes, from compensation and benefits specialists to Recruiters to some of the most senior CHROs in the world. We will work with you to craft the profile of candidate you need informed by our stumbles and successes over time.


A good People leader will take you from today to 5x your current headcount while increasing team retention and engagement


GRAPHITE is one of the premier growth marketing and SEO firms in the world. Scaled has worked hand in hand with Graphite to build out their bench of world-class SEO Directors, growth leads, and content managers. Graphite also hired Scaled to fill out their G&A functions including their Head of People and their Finance function.


Head of People, Graphite

Graphite was looking for the next leader of its People team. Graphite was undergoing significant headcount growth and from its founding had hired remotely across the Americas and beyond. They needed someone with deep expertise in cross-border compliance, compensation and benefits for a distributed team, and the operational chops to build People programs from the ground up with a particular emphasis on employee learning & development. Scaled worked with the Graphite team to find their people leader. The hired candidate was based in Mexico City and has been a strong contributor ever since.

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