The chief risk-manager

Your legal leadership is the person or team that manages risk at your company. They need to have the legal house in order to ensure you're following all the rules. However, the best legal leaders go above and beyond that and become a strategic part of your leadership team. They understand when to balance risk with reward and have a business-first mindset. Our founder is a retired attorney who has hired senior legal leadership of all types for companies of many different stages.


Don't just take our word for it

"Working with a recruiter is expensive and most recruiting companies are transactional just trying to fill a seat. I love Scaled's completely new approach to recruiting by focusing on the relationship and really investing into getting the right match. I can't overstate how much trust I've built with Scaled which allows me to lean on them for my most strategic hires. They believe this approach will make them way more successful in the long run and I absolutely agree."

Patrick Ewers

Our technology accesses undiscovered legal talent

Traditional recruiting firms are bound to networks of attorneys who have worked within a particular industry. It turns out that legal expertise is often transferable across more stages of companies and industries than you might think. That means the legal function is favorable to grow the diversity of backgrounds on your team and find talent that might otherwise be overlooked.

Structured assessment of candidates

You'll face tradeoffs when hiring legal expertise in background-, expertise-, experience-, and cultural demeanor. Our recruiters work with you to define an assessment criteria and ensure you're identifying candidates that are right for what you need now.

Deep expertise in hiring legal leaders

We have extensive expertise in hiring attorneys of all stripes, ranging from subject matter experts to some of the most senior CLOs in the world. We work with you to craft a profile of the candidate you need – informed by our stumbles and successes over time.


Hiring the right leadership on your legal team can be the difference between steady growth and crisis.


ON DECK is building Stanford for the internet. On the cutting edge of education technology globally, On Deck is building a modern education institution for the internet. On Deck hired us to help them fill multiple executive roles during a fast growth phase following their Series A funding.


Head of Legal, On Deck

On Deck had just come off their Series A fundraise and were looking to expand their leadership with great legal talent. At the top of the list was bringing on someone who had seen company scaling from their current size to 3–5x plus headcount. They were looking for the unicorn candidate: someone with deep legal expertise across the corporate stack – HR and compliance, securities law and fundraising, subject matter expertise relevant to their particular business and others – who can command the respect of a legal team and also be the chief manager of company risk. We brought them about a dozen solid candidates and partnered with the internal team to drive the structured process from beginning to end.

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