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Scaled has deep experience on both the paid and unpaid side of digital marketing. We have worked with some of the premier teams of digital marketers globally to find talent with deep SEO, AdWords, Facebook, and other marketing expertise. We know what differentiates the good from the great. These roles can have enormous business impact and are mission critical. They are also some of the hardest and in-demand folks to find.


Don't just take our word for it

"Scaled's superpower is a combination of running a tightly structured process while also finding hidden talent globally. We are building our team across the Americas and they have found some of the best growth and G&A talent globally for us. We've maintained our work with Scaled over many months and through many hires because they've integrated themselves so well into our team and workstyle."

Ethan Smith

Scaled technology accesses undiscovered growth marketing talent

Growth marketers are very often hidden talent, working at companies without a big name or outside of Silicon Valley. These people can be very tough to find using traditional tools. Our tools mix the best of humans and technology to uncover hidden talent that traditional recruiters don't find.

Structured assessment of candidates

You need to be thoughtful about exactly what you're looking to hire in your next growth marketer. Manager vs independent contributor? Generalist vs deep channel expert? Test-and-learn new channels vs scale one or two channels that are already working? Scaled Recruiters work with you to define assessment criteria and ensure you're identifying candidates that are right for what you need now.

Deep expertise in hiring growth marketing leaders

We have extensive expertise -- over a decade in certain cases -- of hiring growth marketers of all stripes, from SEO and SEM specialists to social media gurus to VPs of Marketing and CMOs. We will work with you to craft the profile of candidate you need informed by our stumbles and successes over time.


Only the best growth marketers will give you the confidence you need to invest and double down on what's working to take your business to the next level


GRAPHITE is one of the premier growth marketing and SEO firms in the world. Scaled has worked hand in hand with Graphite to build out their bench of world-class SEO Directors, growth leads, and content managers. Graphite also hired Scaled to fill out their G&A functions including their Head of People and their Finance function.


Directors of Growth and Growth Leads, Graphite

Graphite is one of the premier SEO agencies in the world. They work with some of the biggest names in consumer technology, companies with teams of folks dedicated exclusively to programmatic SEO at scale. Operating with the most sophisticated SEO clients in the world requires Graphite to have top talent themselves -- people who have expertise across the full SEO stack of content generation, technical site architecture, conversion rate optimization and product development expertise. Scaled worked with Graphite leadership over many months to find, assess, and ultimately hire some of the best growth marketing and SEO talent in the world.

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