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Scale your team with our comprehensive recruiting solution for the modern era, built for hiring managers who want a trusted extension of their internal recruiting team. We find great candidates quickly, screen talent for a role's core criteria, and manage all of a search's logistics.

Delegate the logistics to experts

Unload your recruiting operations to a team of highly experienced professionals that manages all details of a search from beginning to end.

Identify great candidates quickly

Our modern tech stack and proprietary sourcing engine power your search behind the scenes to identify great candidates quickly.

Access our extensive talent pool of candidates

Unlock your hiring immediately with a turnkey extension of your recruiting team.

Seamless collaboration

Shared Slack channel

Weekly check-ins

Recruiting coordinator manages scheduling

Offload recruiting logistics to a trusted partner within hours of an engagement's kickoff. Our sourcers access the best talent for your role. Our recruiters review the full pipeline, perform phone screens, and share detailed portfolios of the most promising candidates with you.


A modern, tech-first approach to recruiting

Latest tech

Proprietary sourcing engine

Transparency and clarity

Our custom software platform – powered by an internal team of engineers, designers, and product managers – is at the heart of every search we conduct. Our DNA is the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem.

Great candidates quickly

Get matched with great candidates quickly using our structured processes. We ensure you find the best candidates with proprietary outbound sourcing technology, managing all the right inbound channels, generating internal employee referrals and activating our experienced talent community – all with a focus on candidates beyond traditional backgrounds, networks, and geographies.


We are your trusted recruiting partner. By implementing structured hiring best practices, we connect you to a steady stream of great candidates sourced from beyond traditional networks and geographies. We're powered throughout by industry-leading software and technology. The outcome is a highly efficient partnership that results in you hiring the right person for your team as quickly as possible.

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Trusted by the world's most ambitious companies

David Booth,
On Deck

On Deck is building Stanford for the internet. On the cutting edge of education technology globally, On Deck is building a modern education institution for the internet. On Deck hired Scaled to help them fill multiple executive roles during a fast growth phase following their Series A funding.

"Our team had just come off a big fundraise and needed to set our executive team up for its next stage of growth. We partnered with Scaled to help us hire a variety of roles. Scaled integrated with our internal recruiting and hiring team to drive a structured hiring process and ensure we were getting the best candidates possible into interviews with the team. With so many moving parts it was invaluable having a trusted recruiting partner connecting all the dots and pulling all the threads together."

Patrick Ewers, MindMaven

MindMaven is an executive coaching firm supporting some of the premier leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond. MindMaven worked with Scaled to build out their Marketing function and also their Operations leadership. Scaled structured their process for these roles, built a pipeline, and helped MindMaven drive the hires over the finish line.

"Scaled acted like an extension of our internal team. They helped us structure our processes, provided thoughtful advice when questions arose at various steps on the hiring journey, and ultimately brought us candidates we hired who were right on target for what we needed. Thank you Scaled!"

Ethan Smith, Graphite

Graphite is one of the premier growth marketing and SEO firms in the world. Scaled has worked hand in hand with Graphite to build out their bench of world-class SEO Directors, growth leads, and content managers. Graphite also hired Scaled to fill out their G&A functions including their Head of People and their Finance function.

"Scaled's superpower is a combination of running a tightly structured process while also finding hidden talent globally. We are building our team across the Americas and they have found some of the best growth and G&A talent globally for us. We've maintained our work with Scaled over many months and through many hires because they've integrated themselves so well into our team and workstyle."

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